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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Hard Drive Troubles

My external hard drive completely died last night (I couldn't get into it at all due to I/O errors) so I said fuck it and formatted it and lost pretty much all the info. Fortunately earlier this week when it started acting up I transferred all of the essential stuff directly onto the main drive, but I've still lost a huge amount of files. Luckily at various points in the past I've burnt a lot of stuff onto cd, so I am able to transfer it back onto the freshly empty external drive. Nonetheless, since that is what I am currently doing there will be no (proper) blogging today. There'll be new stuff up tomorrow, cross my heart. I even went on a long walk in lower Manhattan to take pictures for the essay on the area's gentrification that I promised a couple of days ago.

In the meantime, why not go and read through heronbone, the late, much lamented blog from East London's Luka. Music, poetry, philosophy and tales of East London, it was always one of my absolute favorites when I got into reading blogs about two years ago. This will take you directly to the archives.

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