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Friday, March 04, 2005

The Rise and Fall of Wendy Iwanow

Cali Ruchala of Sobaka has an update on the status of the once-upon-a-time Brooklyn girl Wendy Iwanow. Iwanow went on to become the porn star/'escort'/talk-show fodder Bianca Trump before returning to her original name when she entered the netherworld of America's White Nationalist movement. Hers is a particularly weird and entertaining story, a microcosm of the tragedy and farce that lies on the flip side of the triumphalist narrative of America.

"As "tattoogirl1488," her ink-covered body staggered from slum to slum through America's white heartland, in a subculture where "Kill a Queer for Christ" is still a rallying call. She waved her angry finger at the niggers, the heebs and the homosexual perverts dragging down wholesome, white American values, while pining for a man worth cooking, cleaning and raising lots of Hitler Youth for.

What a difference a year makes.

It was in just over a year that Bianca Trump, an impossibly buxom pin-up model and B-list porn actress, degenerated into Wendy Iwanow, neo-Nazi tattoo artist and hanger-on in America's white racist underground. Iwanow (her true name) was arrested on an outstanding warrant for forgery on November 7, 2003 in the company of Aryan Nations' fuehrer Richard Butler when her name was run at the airport in Spokane, Washington. Butler claimed he had no idea that his whip-smart Eva Braun had once used her art and her silicone-enhanced figure in Judaeophile vehicles such as the seminal Creme de la Face, Rent-a-Butt, and that Ku Klux Klan blockbuster, Little White Girl, Big Black Man.

The second part of the story appeared in November when Cali Ruchala discussed the disappearance of the one time 'Latin Queen of Porn', and reactions from people within the worlds in which we she walked:

Eddie and I noted at the time a strange pattern among denizens of the two worlds the handmaiden of the Aryan Nations, Wendy Iwanow (aka former porn star "Bianca Trump") so effortlessly straddled. Wendy's neo-Nazi pals couldn't wait to sell her out - they were literally hailing us down to dish some dirt on their racialist comrade. Our phone numbers were passed around, palm to palm, from our initial contacts to honkey activists as far flung as Manitoba. "You're doing the story on Wendy, right?" they'd ask. "Did you hear about the time she had the gangbang with the Hoosier State Skins?"

Wendy's porn connections, on the other hand, maintained the most discreet silence. We were provided with introductions by confidants. Most simply didn't return our calls. After decades (centuries) of getting beaten up in the press, it's a wise move.

It was the exact opposite of what we'd expected, but it shouldn't have surprised us. Lifers in the porn biz grow jaundiced by having to explain themselves to the "straight" world. The exhibitionism of porn gives way to a sort of reserved decorum in relation to outsiders - and they close ranks like a collapsing house of cards. The neo-Nazi, on the other hand, is the very epitome of an attention whore, demanding the world acknowledge and pay their respects to this minuscule and miserable political cult and his pride in marshaling the "strength" to become a hunk of human shit.

Fast forward to the present and Wendy has returned, and has apparently gotten into the id-forging business:

Wendy's latest seedy venture had been going on for at least six months, according to police. Wendy would allegedly use a digital camera to take pictures of people, print them out and slap the new photo over the old one. Some of the IDs were meticulously altered, while others were done in the most half-assed manner possible. It wouldn't surprise any of The Artist Formerly Known as Bianca Trump's fans in the prostitution racket that she had habitually misspelled the word "license." Her inability to use spellcheck is now tying her to dozens of phony IDs seized by police across the city.

Most of the licenses were being used to cash stolen checks or use stolen credit cards. Wendy herself was said by police to have become the star of a different kind of video - a security camera - using one of her mangled creations to cash a pilfered check at a grocery story.

There's also an interview with her here from her days as a porn star. Although I must warn you that it is HIGHLY not safe for work viewing as it contains several pornographic images in a hardcore stylee.

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