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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Few Images From London

These pictures were taken when I was about 17/18. Moody. Click on the pics to be taken to larger versions.

Looking out over the crowd at Highbury. Not long after we moved to London in 1991 I decided to start supporting Arsenal. Why? Well, one of the first kids my age that I met when we moved over was a big-time Spurs supporter, and he hated Arsenal. He was also a total dick, so I decided to go for Arsenal. I started to learn about the history, get my dad to take me to matches, and we both fell deep into it. My dad and I have now been season ticket-holders at Highbury for twelve seasons, and it's pretty astonishing how much has changed (ok this season is not so good so far) since we took up our seats in the appalling 1994-1995 season.

Paddington Green Estate, Edgware Road. For those outside Britain, these buildings are pretty typical examples of a council estate (aka housing project) - cheap, working-class housing rented out by local councils (although now a lot of the stock has been sold off or is privately managed).

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