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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The People That Lurk Out There

One of the hassles of moving back in with your parents as an adult (besides it being pretty pathetic, all things being equal) is that you end up having to go through all of your old stuff, all the things that were left over from when you left, and all the stuff you've dropped off on visits back over the years. Still, though, there are moments of joy, like today, when, pawing through an old box of papers, I came across this letter. In the summer of 2002 I spent the summer working for Parade Magazine in New York, and one of my responsibilities was sorting through the mail. Needless to say, when you work for a magazine like Parade you get to read quite a lot of loony stuff, like the following (click for a full-size version):

|| RPH || 5:14 PM || |