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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Wendy Iwanow Update

Last week I posted about ex-pornstar/prostitute turned Nazi slut Wendy Iwanow (formerly known as Bianca Trump), who recently has returned to the news for being arrested for running a fake driver's license factory in Spokane, Washington. Just posting about her has brought in dozens of hits via search engines...clearly this is someone people are interested in!

Well, I've been following the story up a little bit and I've turned up some more info. Always follow your referrers (not work safe) back to source! Anyways, I found this remarkable photo of how she looks these days:

It's a long way from what she used to look like.

Anyways, I've done some googling and come up with a lot more info. First off, there's the matter of her behavior when she was actually a porn star. Her frequent crazy rants on the internet, her long battles with the neighbors in the Palm Beach, Florida neighborhood where she worked as a prostitute.

Then there's the matter of her time in the white racist underground, travelling with the 'Reverend' Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations. On this subject (and more generally on her recent years) probably the best article I found was this one by Nicole Nichols. An excerpt:

On November 7, 2003, the "Latin Princess" accompanied Aryan Nations leader Richard Butler to the airport in Idaho and it was there that she was arrested on charges of "forgery." Apparently the two were traveling to Phoenix for the Aryan Nations Rally. When the name Wendy Iwanow was entered into the airline computer - authorities who had been attempting to catch up with her were alerted and made the arrest. Butler went on to Phoenix alone.

The details surrounding the arrest warrant and the actual arrest of Iwanow have not been readily obtainable. Yet, it is apparent that authorities had been looking for her - perhaps that is why she never stayed in one place for long. The last word was that she was being held under $10,000 bond.

The news of her arrest was unsettling to those in the movement. The news that Wendy Iwanow was, in fact, the porn star who had been on the screen with black men, Jews, and other women sent a shock wave through the movement. Although she had been questioned on occasion about her "whiteness" given her dark features, many had accepted her as the Russian-Italian that she claimed to be. Once realizing that she had billed herself as the "Latin Princess," however, more questions about her ethnicity began to emerge. The fact that she was arrested in the company of the esteemed "Pastor" Butler, however, was a major source of embarrassment for the Aryan Nations.

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