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Friday, January 14, 2005

On Pearsall

In case anyone is wondering, it's pronounced peer-sol, no pears, no sals, and the first syllable has to be peer but for the second syllable sull or sill is ok, I guess.

It's actually my middle name (my full name is Randall Pearsall Helms) but it's what my parents have always called me.

If you're curious about the origins of it as a name, here is a history of the Pearsall name. In my case, it's a family name from the Ulster Protestant part of my dad's family, so after making the jump from Normandy to England the name (in my ancestors case) went on to Ulster and then to America. In fact, and this is one of those weird family traditions now I guess, my grandfather (Rowland), my father (Robert), and myself (Randall) all have Pearsall as our middle names, and, as you've probably noticed, all share the same initials.

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