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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Bumper New Year's Links Round-Up

I've been doing lots of reading recently, so here's a special New Year's edition of links to interesting stuff I've read recently (not necessarily all of it newly-written, but all interesting, imo).

Dan Darling's analysis of the recent Bin Laden tapes.

'Does Cosby help?' from Newsweek.

'The Media and Medievalism' by Robert D. Kaplan.

Simon Silverdollarcircle's round-up of the year in grime.

'Are the figures for recorded crime of any use?' from Civitas.

Africa meets the Middle East from The Head Heeb.

Gary Leupp on why Iraq's Christians are leaving.

'Dreaming Europe in a Wide-Awake World' from The National Interest.

Randy McDonald, 'pro-Genocide partisan'.

The terrible teaching of history in British schools.

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