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Thursday, January 27, 2005

A Links Round-Up

As ever here's a collection of links to articles of interest that I've collected as I've read my way around the internet. I do these occassional links round-ups to highlight stuff that I don't see myself using in full pieces that I nevertheless think are worth a read.

George Azar's Middle Eastern Journeys - Articles and photographs from around the region by American photojournalist George Azar.

Google Video - A new search engine that allows you to search through recent tv shows. Still in its teething stage, but quite interesting and fun to use, with the potential to be very useful.

Eurasian Invasion - A Time Asia article on the increasing prominence of Eurasians (people of mixed European and East Asian heritage) in the media, cultural, and entertainment life of East and Southeast Asia.

Letter from Chile - An article from The Nation on reactions in Chile to the news that former dictator General Augusto Pinochet has been deemed mentally fit to be tried for state crimes committed during his time in power. Also looks at the problems that Chileans have had in coming to terms with their past.

Plus there's some blogs that I've recently chanced upon that I think are well worth a read: The Black Informant, Rishon-Rishon, A Glimpse of the World, and LA Observed.

I'd also like to put a special note of support in for Friends of Democracy, which is a ground-level series of reports on the build-up to the Iraqi elections, complete with photo galleries, analysis, and regional reports. I'm quite gloomy about the long-term prospects for Iraq (not least because of the continuity of disastrous errors made by the US government), but I desperately hope things do take a turn for the better.

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