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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Saturday Articles Round-Up

I'm still recharging my batteries a little bit and working on a couple of new large pieces (a question to my readers, are the big pieces interesting or should I write less per piece? I wrote around 5000 words on Central Asia and around 3000 on Puritanism; is the depth I went into good or is it a hassle?)

Anyways, here are some links to some articles on stuff involving the Abrahamic religions that I think are interesting (with credit due if the link has come from another blogger).

An interview with Gilles Keppel: The War for Muslim Minds.

Italy's dawdling on returning the ancient treasures of Ethiopia. From Abiola Lapite.

An update on the situation of the Iraqi Christians. From Winds of Change.

An interview with right-wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders (under police protection after death threats from Muslim extremists). From Andrew Sullivan.

The Sign and the Seal, on the Ark of the Covenant and Ethiopia.

An interview with Yuri Slezkine, author of The Jewish Century. From Steve Sailer.

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